Ereb Altor – Midsommarblot (Official Videoclip)

Semana que vem será lançado o novo álbum dos suecos do Ereb Altor intitulado Nattramn. Aproveitando este lançamento a banda libera um video clip como aperitivo para os seus fãs.

Maiores informações para adquirirem este novo álbum:

Interview: Bell Witch

Chatted recently with the drummer of this band, which gave us more information on the duo, who treats us with a Doom Metal dragged and gloomy. We also talk about the Doom scene in Seattle, death and the controversial illegal downloads. Let’s check.


1. The Bell Witch is a relatively new band. Tell us a little about the conception of the band, the first rehearsals, until the recording of the first demo.

1396680_10200937729951004_1623391122_nAdrian Guerra – We started this project to do only one show. Our good friend asked our old band Lethe to play, but we couldn’t. Our guitar player had left the band. Then we were asked how about just the two of us play. We were up for the challenge as we started rehearsing a week before our first show. Again, this was only suppose to be a “one off” show. We were not going to proceed on the project, but if felt right after our performance that we needed to continue. Or chose to continue for that matter. Dylan, and I had wanted to make heavier, and darker music. As Lethe was an instrumental sludge/stoner rock/psychadelic band. We have both have always been into the “doom” scene here in the United States from our previous bands and love for the genre. 

So, after that first show we started rehearsing tremendously, and started writing our demo, and other songs that made it to our full-length. We were playing shows here locally in the Pacific Northwest (Seattle/Portland), and receiving good feedback. The “Demo 2011” was recorded in July 2011 in 3 days with our comrade Brandon Fitzsimons. Brandon also worked with all our previous bands, and has almost recorded everything I have done in the past amongst other great artists. As soon as we received our “Demo 2011” in the mail, we jumped in the van for our first West Coast Tour in October 2011.


2. After the release of the demo and some positive reviews, as was the writing process for the full-lengh “Longing”?

Adrian Guerra – Before we recorded the demo, we had ideas of what we wanted our full-length to be. I mean, we already had “Rows (Of Endless Waves)” written out before we recorded the demo, and was actually  one of our first songs. Just with no lyrics. Our writing process for “Longing” was practicing, and not being afraid of writing the music we write. Dylan will come up with a bass line, we talk about it. I play all sorts of drum beats, but you have to have that “one.” For myself, I like to play very minimal when needed. Never take away from the riff that needs to be heard for the song to flow.



3. “Longing” was launched just over a year, as has been the feedback from the album.

Adrian Guerra – The feedback for the album has been great.


4. How did the idea just take the band as a duo and no guitar, just bass and drums?

1415663_10200937729991005_1088079869_nAdrian Guerra – After we have written songs for the demo. We did try to find other members. A singer, and a guitar player. We did have ideas of what we wanted. Both singers, and guitar players flaked. After we both started singing, we decided to just do it ourselves. More members would probably just be drama. Dylan, and I know exactly what we want out of this band. And we will always be a two piece doom band.


5. I know it’s early for that, but has a prediction for an upcoming full-length album soon? And what you can in advance.

Adrian Guerra – We have started writing for our second full-length. It will sound like Bell Witch.



6. How to make a sound as nihilistic a place that became known as the land of grunge.

Adrian Guerra – I like some grunge, as I grew up here in Washington State. But was it all grunge? I mean we had the Melvins, Burning Witch, and Thorr’s Hammer.


7. You could create a very interesting sound mass. Mix Sludge, Drone, Funeral Doom and still sound melodic harmonies due to the Dylan Desmond makes the bass lines. Explain to us how was this fusion.

Adrian Guerra – Dylan Desmond is a fucking wizard. We both have had hard times in life, and we want to portray the saddest emotions that people generally hide.


8. Some vocal lines are “Organum”, giving a beautiful funeral for some passages. How did the idea to add it to the sound of the Bell Witch?

Adrian Guerra – More dynamics are the better for the songs we write. The harmony chanting vocals bring more of a funeral vibe, as the screams and growls are more of a death suicide vibe.


1393037_10200937730031006_848134661_n9. How did the idea to use the sampler of “The Masque of the Red Death” on track Beneath the Mask?

Adrian Guerra – I am a horror movie fan, and “The Masque of the Red Death” is just one of my favorite films. Plus the movie stars with the amazing “Vincent Price!” I was watching the movie and it just came to my head. Like a light bulb stating and idea. “Beneath the Mask” is the intro to “I Wait” which has a very similar message.


10. What is your current playlist?

Adrian Guerra – Here are a few records I have been spinning lately. It is really hard for me to find new artists to jam.


Lycus – Tempest

Chelsea Wolf – Pain Is Beauty

Worship – Doom

Hell – III

Profetus – …To Open The Passages In Tusk

Shadow Of The Torturer – Dronestown

Megadeth – Rust In Peace

Ataraxie – L’Etre La Nausee

Procession – To Reap Heavens Apart


11. How is the Doom scene in Seattle? And what new band you could recommend.

Adrian Guerra – At the moment, there are hardly any doom bands. Currently it is just Anhedonist, Samothrace, Shadow of the Torturer, and ourselves. Others will probably consider themselves a doom band, but I will state different. And the doom scene is not as large as some people might say. Small scene. We all see each other at the same shows, and this is what makes our scene special.


12. For some death is the end of it, for others it is the beginning. What is your relationship with death?

Adrian Guerra – I will embrace death when the time is comes.

13. In closing, I would like to know your opinion about the “illegal downloads”. In your opinion download free help or hinder?

Adrian Guerra – I believe you should be able to download if needed, or to review. I like to spread our music out to the masses. True music lovers, and purchasers will actually find a way to buy the record, and support the band if they truly care.


14. Adrian, thanks for the interview and here I leave the space open for your last message.

Adrian Guerra – Thank you Rodrigo for the interview. And thanks to everyone who has taken the time to give Bell Witch a listen. We have set out goals for the next few months, so stay tuned, and stay DOOMED.


Adrian Guerra


Interview: Riccardo Veronese (Aphonic Threnody/Dea Marica/Gallow God)

We recently spoke with guitarist Riccardo Veronese, who is one of the most active name in the doom scenario, he plays in only 3 bands. One can call a super group of doom metal that is Aphonic Threnody bringing together members of the Urna, Gallow God, Pantheist and Leecher.
In this conversation he told us more about their bands, illegal downloading, their health status and more …

photos poster


1 – Hi Riccardo, how are you feeling after this little health issue?

Riccardo Veronese – Hi Rodrigo, I am much better now thank you. It has been a tough few months and I am just now getting back to the normal things I was doing before.


2 – Has this time at home harnessed you to compose?

 Riccardo Veronese – I did not do any music for about a month but over the last few months have been busy composing material. All in all I have written quite a bit of music.


Rick Polar copy3 – For readers who do not know you band Gallow God, would give us a brief history.

Riccardo Veronese – The Origin of Gallow God goes back a few years to 2004. Me and Dan  had started working together on a Doom Metal project using the name Celephais, with the intention of it being nothing more than a studio project that we would release if the music and recording turned out any good. 

Towards the end of recording the EP we decided to expand the project into a full band, and brought in Jim Panlilio on Drums and Martin Singleton on Bass.

 The name change from Celephais to Gallow God was made in early 2010, as after a bit of research we found that there was already a band using the Celephais name. Martin left the band so me and Dan went back to just working on The Veneration of Serpants album on our own and completed it in 2012. We then brought in Mitch as our bass player and Chris on drums from my other band Dea Marica. 


4 – How is the situation of Gallow God? You released the Veneration of the Serpents in April, How has it been with the feedback?

Riccardo Veronese – The feedback was ok but the album has not taken off how I imagined it to. This is partly to the poor promoting of it and not getting signed. People where waiting for this album for so long that when we finally finished it, it still took over 5 months more before it came out and I think a lot of interested in the album dropped.


5 – There was a change in the lineup since the EP False Mystical Prose for this new CD. And to listen to the recording , it does not seem that these members were replaced due to the interplay of the band . How is the current situation?

Riccardo Veronese – To be honest me and Dan played everything on the EP False Mystical Prose and the same on The Veneration of Serpants. Mitch played the bass on The Circle which Dan had already written the bass for and Jim our ex drummer done a few fills etc on a couple of tracks. So we did not have much input from the other members.


6 – In this middle ground you launched a project called Dea Marica alongside Roberto Mura from Urna. How did the idea for this project come around?

Riccardo Veronese – I was waiting around for Dan to do his parts as he had loads of drums and guitar to record so i decided to do another project as I had a lot of material lying around and some would not be used on Gallow God. Roberto contacted me and we started on the Dea Marica project.


382498_381606518612728_1420314276_n7 – In EP “The Ritual of the Banished” compared to this new material, we noticed a great evolution in the vocals of Roberto . For this material could you explore further this line which had failed in the EP?

Riccardo Veronese –  I think on the new album we did had better structure and Roberto was aloud more freedom to express himself. I wrote all the stuff for Ritual so it was nice to let Roberto work his magic and just go for it on this album which he has to great effect. The feedback has been great.


8 – The Curse of the Haunted album had its release recently, but the audio was already available in their page on bandcamp . How has the feedback been of this material?

Riccardo Veronese – It has been really positive so far and we got signed really quickly by Weird Truth Productions so we are very happy with the outcome. People are starting to see what our music is really about.


9 – And not content with all these bands , you are currently part of the project Aphonic Threnody , which includes other members of the band known scenario Doom . How did the idea for this project come about?

Riccardo Veronese – Me and Roberto were just sitting there one day and I said lets do a Funeral Doom project and he laughed but soon realised I meant it. We got to work really quickly on this and the band idea and concept was done within a few days. I have never done this style of music so it is a great new area I can explore. 


aphonic threnody10 – The CD will be released through Weird Truth Production in Japan and vinyl by Avantgarde Prod . And there is a small difference on the cover of both? It was an idea already conceived from the beginning or was it something that just happened?

Riccardo Veronese – Ok Dea Marica is been released by Weird Truth Production on CD only and download via Bandcamp. Aphonic Threnody is been released on CD by Avantgarde Music and the vinyl by Terror from Hell Records. The change on these covers is for Aphonic Threnody. Roberto cam up with idea to change the covers which he is great coming up with.


11 – You already have a third album already made , when can we expect the next releases?

 Riccardo Veronese – I have begun work on Dea Marica’s third album and we have about 4 songs at the moment. We will also re-master 3 tracks from the Ritual EP as a bonus with guests featuring.

Regarding Aphonic Threnody we have pretty much finished the second album. It just needs a few instruments to be put down and it will be done. This should come out early next year. We also have Greg from Esoteric on one track and Mike from Loss as well. I have also got 5 tracks for the third Aphonic album ready.


12 – Changing the subject , much of the talk about free download , what is your opinion?

 Riccardo Veronese – I am quite chilled about this as once your music is out there people will rip your songs anyway and there is not much you can really do about it. The positive is more people will get to listen to your music.


13 – A topic that is very recurrent in the questions I do is about death . What is your relationship with the beyond the grave?

 Riccardo Veronese – I do think about death quite a lot. I have always had that side to me, the depressing side and have gone through a lot of pain and hardship in my life so that is why I love composing dark music. I don’t think it’s a bad thing. Nothing wrong with death its apart of life so why not embrace it and make everyone miserable through music!!!


14 – What are you listening to today? What is your current playlist?

Riccardo Veronese – I have been listening to URNA’s new project which I am loving. Not released yet but Roberto done his vocal recording at mine so watch out for this album. Also Ataraxie and Before the Rain.


15 – Riccardo Thank you for the interview and leave room for their last cries.

Riccardo Veronese – As always it was a pleasure matey.


Interview: Loss

When starting this preface, I was remembering from the first time I heard this band, way back in 2004. And for me this interview had a special taste, it was a personal satisfaction may question about the band and side projects, future ideas and learn a little more about the underworld of Loss.



1. Despond, the album, was released more than a year, how has been their feedback?

M. Meacham – The feedback has been very positive. It seems the band has gotten a lot of recognition since its rlease and Profound Lore has done a tremendous job helping us grow.


2. The song “Cut up, Depressed and Alone” has a letter derogatory well, and is impossible not imagine yourself in it. How did the idea for the lyric?

M. Meacham That song was directly influenced by my ongoing struggles with severe depression, anxiety and self mutilation and self loathing. The lyrics are quite straight forward and I lived every second of them. No hope. Cutting skin just to see if you can still feel through the numb. Giving up.


3. I remember Loss known around 2004 through mIRC (#doom-mp3). What is your relationship with the internet and free downloads?

M. Meacham – I think everyone hás a relationship with the internet in this day and age. I use it everyday for work, networking and communication. Free downloads are always going to happen but I think real music lovers will always seek out and purchase/support artists that really put forward an effort to create music with conviction that doesnt come across as contrived.



4. The album cover is more “dark” than shocking compared to the demo. Who suggested the conception of this art, or the artist felt free to create?

M. Meacham – We came up with several concepts for various pieces and Richard Friend, the amazing artist we worked with, kind of drew his own ideas from the music and our concepts but for the cover in particular… Our bassist, John Anderson, came up with the idea of a lifeless body with no gender or expression in a funerary setting… its quite beautiful in its final realization I think.


5. Last year launched a “split-live” via Scion Audio Visual with some live tracks from bands like Pallbearer, YOB, Atlhas Moth, beyond you. Have you thought about launching a DVD with a few performances, or is this something out of the question?

M. Meacham – Perhaps in the future but nothing at the moment.



6. There is forecast to a new “Loss” album?

M. Meacham – We are in the beginning stages of writing our second album as I type this. We are also completing tracks for 2 separate split LP’s. One with Graves At Sea and one with Hooded Menace.

The new Loss album will be something of an overture draped in impenetrable melancholy. 


7. In the debut had two demo tracks and the music of the split with “Worship” that was rerecorded. For the next album you have intention to give a new look to some music that figured in some other split?

M. Meacham – No. The next Loss álbum will be 100% new material.


8001095772_c3ddff6300_o8. For some people “death” is the end of it, for others the beginning. What is your relationship with “death”?

M. Meacham – Death is perfect…instant and forever. Death is the perfect setting for the final meditation.


9. Do you have a project as devastating as your band. How is the current situation of the Mourner? 

 M. Meacham – Sadly, Mourner is no more… I really enjoyed playing in that band and we all remain very close friends. All the members have schedules that are not compatible with each other and some members have too many personal obligations. Im proud of what we recorded etc. Doing another writing/recording session is never out of the question… I do have some other projects going on musically… Recluse (with Phillip from Cobalt), Hollow Serpent Tooth (with Jake from Mourner) and Rituaal (with Jake again and Justin from Father Befouled/Encoffination). Rituaal has a 7” that is out any day now via Parasitic Records.


10. Recently launched a Bandcamp page, two songs for a new project that you participate alongside J. Stubbs (Encoffination) and J. Rothlisberger (Mourner). How did the idea for this project?

M. Meacham – We wanted to create something vile and utterly black and bizarre. The end result is Rituaal. We have all known each other and worked in various capacities for a long time and we decided to do Rituaal together. The plan is to always write and record enough material for a 7” over the course of 3 days or less. Completely made up and recorded in a short period of time and taking time only on the concepts and lyrics/content. I’m really proud of this eerie slab of Black Metal we have created and plan to do our second session very soon.


39528_166806283329651_6386032_n11. The lyrical theme of Rituaal is quite different from the subjects of the other bands. Tell us more about them.

 M. Meacham – Rituaal is based on old/traditional/medieval satanism and occult practices and witchcraft. I worked very hard on my lyrics and so did Justin. We both wrote one song musically and then its lyrics to match.

The themes in this first 7” are based on old practices of witchcraft and sabbatical rites…astral projection through meditation and imbibing natures poisons all in order to become closer to the devil.


12. You recorded vocals for a track on an upcoming cd of the band “Aphonic Threnody”. What can you tell us about this song, how did you come?

M. Meacham – Yes this is something they asked me to take part in and the music is strong so I agreed… I dont know much about the band or its members other than they seem very dedicated…we shall see how it comes out…


13. Thanks for the interview and leave the space for his last considerations.

M. Meacham – Loss is busy writing our next funeral opus and it will be once again released by Profound Lore.

The split with Hooded Menace will be released by Doomentia and the Graves At Sea split by Gilead Media. Beware… for all news etc and to purchase music and merchandise, please visit

Contact us via or send any death threats, dirty panties, rusty razors, drugs or correspondence to:



P.O. Box 681924

Franklin, TN 37068



Thank you for the interview and best regards, Rodrigo…. We proudly salute South America and Brazil in particular… the land of the Metal Of Death… Hail Sarcófago!


Photos by: Diana Lee Zadlo, Ray+Wendy

Interview: Paradise Lost

Soon to disembark in Brazil for another South American tour, we talk with vocalist Nick Holmes to learn more about the new album “Tragic Idol”. We also talked about the idea of the clip “Honesty in Death,” which has the memory of his first visit to Brazil in 1995 and other issues.


1. The Tragic Idol album was released in April this year. How is the acceptance of this new work?

Nick Holmes So far very positive! The proof is usually at the concerts, and the new tracks go down as good as any others!


2. I read on the internet that this album was more difficult to write, lyrically speaking. I wonder how hard it was? Which part specifically?

Nick Holmes – Its our 13th album, it should get harder! If you think you have already written your best work then it would be time to stop! Lyrics are not too hard to write, writing melody lines is the tough part.


3. Paradise Lost has always had letters full of feeling, introspection and some more “strong” and this was reflected in the final part of the “Honesty In Death” video. Would you like to comment on the general conception of music and video.

Nick Holmes – We are massive fans of Horror and dark thriller movies, and were recently very impressed by the level of despair in the movie “the Road”. And decided we wanted a similar level of depression , but in 4 minute video clip instead!    


4. For me, the track “Fear of Impending Hell” has the same mood as the songs that comprise the album Icon. I know it was not intentional, but you felt they were able to rescue something that sounds old Paradise Lost?

Nick Holmes – It’s the same people composing the songs so I guess anything deemed as heavier will be compared to our older albums.


5. The Glorious End, has a very introspective lyrics, and you can view the world in ruins and a few souls crying for mercy. How did the idea to write this lyric?

Nick Holmes – The music has an ending song feel to it, So I guess I just followed suit when I wrote the lyrics and obviously the title.


6. For some people death is the end of it, for others the beginning. What is your relationship with death?

Nick Holmes – I consider it the end, And no one has proven otherwise.I dont belive in any religion or life after death theory. The older I get the more certain I feel about this. Death is the only thing that is forever.


7. Although 5 albums away from the sound of the Host, do you think the fans are still fearful for another surprise as that album?

Nick Holmes – Musically, a lot is swayed on what Greg is listening to when an album is written. For the last few years all He has listened to is 90s death metal and Swedish Discharge clone bands, don’t think anyone needs to worry about another Host anytime soon.


8. You first played here in Brazil in 1995, what memories do you have of that era and his first time here.

Nick Holmes – Was pretty amazing seeing places that we had only ever seen on TV,  The huge crowds, meeting Ozzy, pretty much a young metal bands dream, Only thing that spoiled the SA trip was contracting salmonella poisioning in Mexico City. That was the roughest Ive ever felt in my life!


9. What are your expectations for this tour in Latin America, and what we can expect from it? 

Nick Holmes – At this precise moment We just hope the new album has been well recieved! and that usually reflects at the concerts both in attendance and the energy of the crowd, We will play 4 songs off  TI , or so…


10. Despite a stable line-up, you have always had “issues” with drummers. Do you believe that Adrian will remain long into the band?

Nick Holmes – Not really issues if you look at the long term of things. People come and go, Thats life, However We are good friends with Adrian, Hes a obviously a great drummer and fits in really well, Hes already been in the band 3.5 years, time flies.


11. Each drummer has brought new ideas and influences. I wonder what each one added to the sound of Paradise Lost today?

Nick Holmes – The drum parts on the whole are already written before we record, Its more a case of developing theyre style to parts.


12. One question I always do is about illegal downloads. To what extent this helps and also hampers for Paradise Lost?

Nick Holmes – It benefits bands for touring, opening doors in new territories, but from a revenue point of view it has brought the industry to is knees.Its very difficult for new bands to make a living from music, bands frantically tour more than ever, the live circuit is rammed, people get spoilt with choice,and as a result Its made music more disposable.  


13. What song that you no longer could play, but still have to do it?

Nick Holmes – Easy. As I die. 


14. What was the “worst show” you’ve ever played. And why? 

Nick Holmes – Bad shows are usually for only one or two reasons, not including the occasional lack lustre Monday night audience, Bad equipment & late nights are usually to blame, the latter doesnt happen much thesedays, too old to burn the candle at both ends anymore! But bad shows can often turn out to be “funny” shows, So its best to look on the positive side.


15. You’ve been through a lot in these years of band. What story do you remember what makes you sad? And what was the story that still remembers when you laugh alone?

Nick Holmes –Trying to maintain relationships, and juggling family life in general parallel to touring and recording can be really tough,The only things that make me feel sad are personal issues.

There has being hundreds of funny incidents, The best being the ones that were usually horrible at the time, Our First US tour, and recording Shades Of God we both magnificent moments in retrospect.


16. I appreciate the interview and would like to leave a last word to the Brazilian fans.

Nick Holmes – To all our Brazilian Fans, Check out Tragic Idol! We look forward to playing there once again soon and thanks for your support!!!


Photo: © Paul Harries

Interview: Morito Ergo Sum

Recently realized this interview with guitarist and band founder Morito Ergo Sum. Brazilian living in Sweden, where, together with an Italian friend rode this band of doom. This partnership launched their second material and we talked about it beyond their influences and other matters.


1. Hi Paolo, everything alright? Despite the long wait the interview came out.

Paolo Cito: Hello Rodrigo! Everything alright here. Yes, we finally have the opportunity to talk a little about Morito Ergo Sum on your site! And I do it with great  pleasure! 


2. Moonchild was released a year ago, how has the feedback been?

Paolo Cito: The feedback has been very good. We basically only received positive reviews, and many people seem to genuinely have liked what we did. We are gradually acquiring new fans. It’s a slow process because we are a relatively new and unknown band, and we choose to work independently, but it also means that the interaction between the band and the people who enjoy our work becomes much more personal. 


3. What is your main source of inspiration for your compositions?

Paolo Cito: Basically sadness. Although I consider myself a cheerful and positive person most of the time, I have a great attraction to the dark side of life and arts and I usually say that I see beauty in sadness. And I think that’s what Doom Metal tries to show. So we approach all topics that talk about it: death, pain, love, deception, etc … 

I also tend to compose the music for Morito during the Swedish winter, which is always very quiet, dark and gray. This helps a lot to create the atmosphere! 


4. After listening Moonchild, I decided to know the original version. I wonder why the choice of this track?

Paolo Cito: King Crimson is one of my favorite bands, and that album containing the track Moonchild is my favorite album from them. Since young I always wanted to play a cover of King Crimson, but never had the right band to do it. When I created Morito Ergo Sum, finally I had the freedom and opportunity to finally pay my tribute to this great band! 


5. Having known the original version, I noticed that you gave a greater touch of melancholy to it.

Paolo Cito: Yes, the track itself already carries a large load of melancholy, and it was simple to turn it into our own version. When I started working on that version it was one of those magic moments, when everything comes togheter naturally and at once. It took less than an hour to make the skeleton of the song! Then it was just a matter of adding the details with the help of the other band members.


6. I visited the band’s fanpage and noticed a small but significant change in your lineup. How is the current lineup of Morito Ergo Sum?

Paolo Cito: Yes, we recently acquired new members. Our guitarist (Pablo Magallanes) had to return to his homeland (Uruguay) due family reasons, and in his place we now have a new guitarist named Xavier Aguilar.

And as we could not find a drummer for the band, we decided that Walter should take care only of drumsticks. On vocals we have now a young singer who is also the violinist of the band, called Sebastian Rorengren.

This is the first time that Morito Ergo Sum has a complete lineup, and we have already started rehearsing so we can start to play live as soon as possible! 


7. Have any preparations for an upcoming material already began or will we have to wait a little longer?

Paolo Cito: At the moment we’re just rehearsing with the new members, adjusting all the necessary details so that we can start doing shows. Walter and I have written some ideas for a new material, but we have not sat down to work on them yet. But we will surely do it really soon. Our plan is to release a full album in the near future. We do not like to rush things, so we are taking it slowly so the music come out the way we like it. Yet it’s hard to say how long it will take… 


8. The band is also involved in another project, what can you tell us in advance about this?

Paolo Cito: Nothing! Hahahaha! All I can tell you is that we had the huge good fortune to attract the interest of some known people in the metal world. I do not have permission to talk anything more beyond that! 


9. What is your current playlist?

Paolo Cito: It is very diverse, including Faith No More, Hanoi Rocks, The Gardnerz, Obituary, Foreigner, A Pale Horse Named Death, and of course, the new My Dying Bride! 


10. I would like you to quote what the 5 essential doom metal albums

Paolo Cito: 

  • My Dying Bride, As the Flower Withers
  • Tiamat, Clouds
  • Paradise Lost, Shades of God
  • While Heaven Wept, Of Empires Forlorn
  • Anathema, Serenades


11. Thanks for the interview and I hope that soon we can talk again.

Paolo Cito: I am the one who thank you Rodrigo! Thanks for the support that you have been giving not only for our band, but also for the Doom Metal scene in general! For sure we will talk again! 

Interview: Heike Langhans (Draconian)

As soon as it was announced to the world the new singer of Draconian, I contacted this friendly lady, so bring firsthand the Brazilian fans what is happening in those parts, a short biography about her and also another passion she has, digital art.


1. For those who do not know you, give us a short bio yours.

Heike Langhans – Though I’m from German descent, I was born in the beautiful coastal city of Cape Town – the most Southern point of South Africa. I’ve been active musically since 2000, but only joined my first band in 2006, which was a Symphonic Metal band called Inferium. I later just focused on my own solo project and did features in bands when possible. I reached my peak in my home country and just needed to get out and further my singing career. I knew I had to fight for it and just do what I can.


2. How and when did you get the news that had entered the Draconian?

Heike Langhans – First I had to fly over to Sweden for a week to audition. I instantly fell in-love with the kindness of the people and the beauty of the small towns and nature. The audition went pretty well and I instantly fit in with the guys. It just felt so right in my heart. I returned to my home country after my short visit and waited for them to make a decision after going through all the applications.

Not long after, I got the news that they would like me to join, but needed to know that I’d be able to stay with them in Sweden.

I went through hell with Embassies and paperwork, but returned to Sweden in May 2012.
Now it’s full steam ahead.


3. Your first recording with Draconian was to Lake of Tears’ Tribute. Who suggested the idea for this song and how did the recording?

Heike Langhans – Draconian had already agreed to do the Lake of Tears cover for the Tribute album when I joined.The music was done by that time, so all that was left to do was for Anders and I to lay down vocals. Of course the song was not meant for female vocals, so we figured out a way to include my vocals for the cover and recorded it at the band’s studio. The end result was quite decent. I loved the slower, doomier feel to the song with the contrast between Anders’ vocals and mine. The addition of Johan’s vocals also made it quite unique.


4. When will her live debut with the Draconian?

Heike Langhans – There are some tours lining up toward the end of the year and early next year. For now we have tons of preparation and rehearsal to do. Some shoots and a video is also in the cards for the near future. More than that I cannot really say. You will all have to wait and see, my lovelies.


5. Have you started writing the successor of A Rose for the Apocalypse?

Heike Langhans – Indeed. We are currently working on new material. Lyrical content is underway as Anders has started writing a while ago, alongside Therés ( who also contributed to writing songs like ‘Seasons Apart’, ‘She Dies’, ‘Not Breathing’ and ‘The Failure Epiphany’). Exactly how long it will take is untold at this point, but it’s good to know at least that we are working on new material while doing all the other important business simultaneously.


6. Like Johan Ericsson has his side projects, you will still continue with the Lorelei, or is temporarily in the fridge because of its new commitments?

Heike Langhans – The Lorelei project is very important to me as it’s my way of expressing myself emotionally on a less controlled level. It will always be active, no matter what I’m doing. I have a lot of emotion to spare and it fuels every piece of music I do, so what doesn’t flow through Draconian – will further flow through Lorelei. Draconian is my first priority for sure, but when I have those long sleepless nights, I have to have something to keep me busy and content. 


7. I took a look at her gallery on DeviantArt, and has some very beautiful images. What inspires you to create these pieces of art?

Heike Langhans – I have a great fascination with the Universe and all things eerie or melancholic. Doing art is what I was good at first in my life before anything else. When I’m not pouring my feelings into music, I’m churning out pieces of visuals that represent my feelings or interests. I’m greatly inspired by  pure darkness, the cosmic ,animals, the soul and the ocean.


8. Speaking in technical terms, what are their main tools (programs used)?

Heike Langhans – I am a trained Graphic Designer, so I’m fairly proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver etc, but I still prefer to paint and draw my ideas first. Most people think me a Photoshop magician, but I will always put pen to paper for my ideas.


9. Do you think the next cover art of Draconian, you can sign?

Heike Langhans – I have not thought about suggesting it yet, since I’m sometimes critical of myself and my own work.Some of my favorite artists have done artwork for Draconian and I always appreciate their work more than my own. It’s a topic we haven’t yet thought about at this point. Who knows what can happen. Anders, Johan and myself seem very visually in tune and in the end we’ll surely agree on what is best. I have a list of artists who’s work I would adore to see gracing a Draconian album, so I have no problem taking a back-seat.


10. Thank you for this interview, and leave space for hes last message to the Brazilian fans.

Heike Langhans – I have yet to visit Brazil and let me tell you, I’m so excited! I’ve heard such great things and received so many great wishes and messages from Brazilian Draconian fans. Your greets and  lovely compliments have really been received with warmth. I look forward to meeting and having a nice drink with each and every one of you in the future. Always stay true to the doom!