Interview: Riccardo Veronese (Aphonic Threnody/Dea Marica/Gallow God)

We recently spoke with guitarist Riccardo Veronese, who is one of the most active name in the doom scenario, he plays in only 3 bands. One can call a super group of doom metal that is Aphonic Threnody bringing together members of the Urna, Gallow God, Pantheist and Leecher.
In this conversation he told us more about their bands, illegal downloading, their health status and more …

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1 – Hi Riccardo, how are you feeling after this little health issue?

Riccardo Veronese – Hi Rodrigo, I am much better now thank you. It has been a tough few months and I am just now getting back to the normal things I was doing before.


2 – Has this time at home harnessed you to compose?

 Riccardo Veronese – I did not do any music for about a month but over the last few months have been busy composing material. All in all I have written quite a bit of music.


Rick Polar copy3 – For readers who do not know you band Gallow God, would give us a brief history.

Riccardo Veronese – The Origin of Gallow God goes back a few years to 2004. Me and Dan  had started working together on a Doom Metal project using the name Celephais, with the intention of it being nothing more than a studio project that we would release if the music and recording turned out any good. 

Towards the end of recording the EP we decided to expand the project into a full band, and brought in Jim Panlilio on Drums and Martin Singleton on Bass.

 The name change from Celephais to Gallow God was made in early 2010, as after a bit of research we found that there was already a band using the Celephais name. Martin left the band so me and Dan went back to just working on The Veneration of Serpants album on our own and completed it in 2012. We then brought in Mitch as our bass player and Chris on drums from my other band Dea Marica. 


4 – How is the situation of Gallow God? You released the Veneration of the Serpents in April, How has it been with the feedback?

Riccardo Veronese – The feedback was ok but the album has not taken off how I imagined it to. This is partly to the poor promoting of it and not getting signed. People where waiting for this album for so long that when we finally finished it, it still took over 5 months more before it came out and I think a lot of interested in the album dropped.


5 – There was a change in the lineup since the EP False Mystical Prose for this new CD. And to listen to the recording , it does not seem that these members were replaced due to the interplay of the band . How is the current situation?

Riccardo Veronese – To be honest me and Dan played everything on the EP False Mystical Prose and the same on The Veneration of Serpants. Mitch played the bass on The Circle which Dan had already written the bass for and Jim our ex drummer done a few fills etc on a couple of tracks. So we did not have much input from the other members.


6 – In this middle ground you launched a project called Dea Marica alongside Roberto Mura from Urna. How did the idea for this project come around?

Riccardo Veronese – I was waiting around for Dan to do his parts as he had loads of drums and guitar to record so i decided to do another project as I had a lot of material lying around and some would not be used on Gallow God. Roberto contacted me and we started on the Dea Marica project.


382498_381606518612728_1420314276_n7 – In EP “The Ritual of the Banished” compared to this new material, we noticed a great evolution in the vocals of Roberto . For this material could you explore further this line which had failed in the EP?

Riccardo Veronese –  I think on the new album we did had better structure and Roberto was aloud more freedom to express himself. I wrote all the stuff for Ritual so it was nice to let Roberto work his magic and just go for it on this album which he has to great effect. The feedback has been great.


8 – The Curse of the Haunted album had its release recently, but the audio was already available in their page on bandcamp . How has the feedback been of this material?

Riccardo Veronese – It has been really positive so far and we got signed really quickly by Weird Truth Productions so we are very happy with the outcome. People are starting to see what our music is really about.


9 – And not content with all these bands , you are currently part of the project Aphonic Threnody , which includes other members of the band known scenario Doom . How did the idea for this project come about?

Riccardo Veronese – Me and Roberto were just sitting there one day and I said lets do a Funeral Doom project and he laughed but soon realised I meant it. We got to work really quickly on this and the band idea and concept was done within a few days. I have never done this style of music so it is a great new area I can explore. 


aphonic threnody10 – The CD will be released through Weird Truth Production in Japan and vinyl by Avantgarde Prod . And there is a small difference on the cover of both? It was an idea already conceived from the beginning or was it something that just happened?

Riccardo Veronese – Ok Dea Marica is been released by Weird Truth Production on CD only and download via Bandcamp. Aphonic Threnody is been released on CD by Avantgarde Music and the vinyl by Terror from Hell Records. The change on these covers is for Aphonic Threnody. Roberto cam up with idea to change the covers which he is great coming up with.


11 – You already have a third album already made , when can we expect the next releases?

 Riccardo Veronese – I have begun work on Dea Marica’s third album and we have about 4 songs at the moment. We will also re-master 3 tracks from the Ritual EP as a bonus with guests featuring.

Regarding Aphonic Threnody we have pretty much finished the second album. It just needs a few instruments to be put down and it will be done. This should come out early next year. We also have Greg from Esoteric on one track and Mike from Loss as well. I have also got 5 tracks for the third Aphonic album ready.


12 – Changing the subject , much of the talk about free download , what is your opinion?

 Riccardo Veronese – I am quite chilled about this as once your music is out there people will rip your songs anyway and there is not much you can really do about it. The positive is more people will get to listen to your music.


13 – A topic that is very recurrent in the questions I do is about death . What is your relationship with the beyond the grave?

 Riccardo Veronese – I do think about death quite a lot. I have always had that side to me, the depressing side and have gone through a lot of pain and hardship in my life so that is why I love composing dark music. I don’t think it’s a bad thing. Nothing wrong with death its apart of life so why not embrace it and make everyone miserable through music!!!


14 – What are you listening to today? What is your current playlist?

Riccardo Veronese – I have been listening to URNA’s new project which I am loving. Not released yet but Roberto done his vocal recording at mine so watch out for this album. Also Ataraxie and Before the Rain.


15 – Riccardo Thank you for the interview and leave room for their last cries.

Riccardo Veronese – As always it was a pleasure matey.


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