Interview: Loss

When starting this preface, I was remembering from the first time I heard this band, way back in 2004. And for me this interview had a special taste, it was a personal satisfaction may question about the band and side projects, future ideas and learn a little more about the underworld of Loss.



1. Despond, the album, was released more than a year, how has been their feedback?

M. Meacham – The feedback has been very positive. It seems the band has gotten a lot of recognition since its rlease and Profound Lore has done a tremendous job helping us grow.


2. The song “Cut up, Depressed and Alone” has a letter derogatory well, and is impossible not imagine yourself in it. How did the idea for the lyric?

M. Meacham That song was directly influenced by my ongoing struggles with severe depression, anxiety and self mutilation and self loathing. The lyrics are quite straight forward and I lived every second of them. No hope. Cutting skin just to see if you can still feel through the numb. Giving up.


3. I remember Loss known around 2004 through mIRC (#doom-mp3). What is your relationship with the internet and free downloads?

M. Meacham – I think everyone hás a relationship with the internet in this day and age. I use it everyday for work, networking and communication. Free downloads are always going to happen but I think real music lovers will always seek out and purchase/support artists that really put forward an effort to create music with conviction that doesnt come across as contrived.



4. The album cover is more “dark” than shocking compared to the demo. Who suggested the conception of this art, or the artist felt free to create?

M. Meacham – We came up with several concepts for various pieces and Richard Friend, the amazing artist we worked with, kind of drew his own ideas from the music and our concepts but for the cover in particular… Our bassist, John Anderson, came up with the idea of a lifeless body with no gender or expression in a funerary setting… its quite beautiful in its final realization I think.


5. Last year launched a “split-live” via Scion Audio Visual with some live tracks from bands like Pallbearer, YOB, Atlhas Moth, beyond you. Have you thought about launching a DVD with a few performances, or is this something out of the question?

M. Meacham – Perhaps in the future but nothing at the moment.



6. There is forecast to a new “Loss” album?

M. Meacham – We are in the beginning stages of writing our second album as I type this. We are also completing tracks for 2 separate split LP’s. One with Graves At Sea and one with Hooded Menace.

The new Loss album will be something of an overture draped in impenetrable melancholy. 


7. In the debut had two demo tracks and the music of the split with “Worship” that was rerecorded. For the next album you have intention to give a new look to some music that figured in some other split?

M. Meacham – No. The next Loss álbum will be 100% new material.


8001095772_c3ddff6300_o8. For some people “death” is the end of it, for others the beginning. What is your relationship with “death”?

M. Meacham – Death is perfect…instant and forever. Death is the perfect setting for the final meditation.


9. Do you have a project as devastating as your band. How is the current situation of the Mourner? 

 M. Meacham – Sadly, Mourner is no more… I really enjoyed playing in that band and we all remain very close friends. All the members have schedules that are not compatible with each other and some members have too many personal obligations. Im proud of what we recorded etc. Doing another writing/recording session is never out of the question… I do have some other projects going on musically… Recluse (with Phillip from Cobalt), Hollow Serpent Tooth (with Jake from Mourner) and Rituaal (with Jake again and Justin from Father Befouled/Encoffination). Rituaal has a 7” that is out any day now via Parasitic Records.


10. Recently launched a Bandcamp page, two songs for a new project that you participate alongside J. Stubbs (Encoffination) and J. Rothlisberger (Mourner). How did the idea for this project?

M. Meacham – We wanted to create something vile and utterly black and bizarre. The end result is Rituaal. We have all known each other and worked in various capacities for a long time and we decided to do Rituaal together. The plan is to always write and record enough material for a 7” over the course of 3 days or less. Completely made up and recorded in a short period of time and taking time only on the concepts and lyrics/content. I’m really proud of this eerie slab of Black Metal we have created and plan to do our second session very soon.


39528_166806283329651_6386032_n11. The lyrical theme of Rituaal is quite different from the subjects of the other bands. Tell us more about them.

 M. Meacham – Rituaal is based on old/traditional/medieval satanism and occult practices and witchcraft. I worked very hard on my lyrics and so did Justin. We both wrote one song musically and then its lyrics to match.

The themes in this first 7” are based on old practices of witchcraft and sabbatical rites…astral projection through meditation and imbibing natures poisons all in order to become closer to the devil.


12. You recorded vocals for a track on an upcoming cd of the band “Aphonic Threnody”. What can you tell us about this song, how did you come?

M. Meacham – Yes this is something they asked me to take part in and the music is strong so I agreed… I dont know much about the band or its members other than they seem very dedicated…we shall see how it comes out…


13. Thanks for the interview and leave the space for his last considerations.

M. Meacham – Loss is busy writing our next funeral opus and it will be once again released by Profound Lore.

The split with Hooded Menace will be released by Doomentia and the Graves At Sea split by Gilead Media. Beware… for all news etc and to purchase music and merchandise, please visit

Contact us via or send any death threats, dirty panties, rusty razors, drugs or correspondence to:



P.O. Box 681924

Franklin, TN 37068



Thank you for the interview and best regards, Rodrigo…. We proudly salute South America and Brazil in particular… the land of the Metal Of Death… Hail Sarcófago!


Photos by: Diana Lee Zadlo, Ray+Wendy


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