Interview: Morito Ergo Sum

Recently realized this interview with guitarist and band founder Morito Ergo Sum. Brazilian living in Sweden, where, together with an Italian friend rode this band of doom. This partnership launched their second material and we talked about it beyond their influences and other matters.


1. Hi Paolo, everything alright? Despite the long wait the interview came out.

Paolo Cito: Hello Rodrigo! Everything alright here. Yes, we finally have the opportunity to talk a little about Morito Ergo Sum on your site! And I do it with great  pleasure! 


2. Moonchild was released a year ago, how has the feedback been?

Paolo Cito: The feedback has been very good. We basically only received positive reviews, and many people seem to genuinely have liked what we did. We are gradually acquiring new fans. It’s a slow process because we are a relatively new and unknown band, and we choose to work independently, but it also means that the interaction between the band and the people who enjoy our work becomes much more personal. 


3. What is your main source of inspiration for your compositions?

Paolo Cito: Basically sadness. Although I consider myself a cheerful and positive person most of the time, I have a great attraction to the dark side of life and arts and I usually say that I see beauty in sadness. And I think that’s what Doom Metal tries to show. So we approach all topics that talk about it: death, pain, love, deception, etc … 

I also tend to compose the music for Morito during the Swedish winter, which is always very quiet, dark and gray. This helps a lot to create the atmosphere! 


4. After listening Moonchild, I decided to know the original version. I wonder why the choice of this track?

Paolo Cito: King Crimson is one of my favorite bands, and that album containing the track Moonchild is my favorite album from them. Since young I always wanted to play a cover of King Crimson, but never had the right band to do it. When I created Morito Ergo Sum, finally I had the freedom and opportunity to finally pay my tribute to this great band! 


5. Having known the original version, I noticed that you gave a greater touch of melancholy to it.

Paolo Cito: Yes, the track itself already carries a large load of melancholy, and it was simple to turn it into our own version. When I started working on that version it was one of those magic moments, when everything comes togheter naturally and at once. It took less than an hour to make the skeleton of the song! Then it was just a matter of adding the details with the help of the other band members.


6. I visited the band’s fanpage and noticed a small but significant change in your lineup. How is the current lineup of Morito Ergo Sum?

Paolo Cito: Yes, we recently acquired new members. Our guitarist (Pablo Magallanes) had to return to his homeland (Uruguay) due family reasons, and in his place we now have a new guitarist named Xavier Aguilar.

And as we could not find a drummer for the band, we decided that Walter should take care only of drumsticks. On vocals we have now a young singer who is also the violinist of the band, called Sebastian Rorengren.

This is the first time that Morito Ergo Sum has a complete lineup, and we have already started rehearsing so we can start to play live as soon as possible! 


7. Have any preparations for an upcoming material already began or will we have to wait a little longer?

Paolo Cito: At the moment we’re just rehearsing with the new members, adjusting all the necessary details so that we can start doing shows. Walter and I have written some ideas for a new material, but we have not sat down to work on them yet. But we will surely do it really soon. Our plan is to release a full album in the near future. We do not like to rush things, so we are taking it slowly so the music come out the way we like it. Yet it’s hard to say how long it will take… 


8. The band is also involved in another project, what can you tell us in advance about this?

Paolo Cito: Nothing! Hahahaha! All I can tell you is that we had the huge good fortune to attract the interest of some known people in the metal world. I do not have permission to talk anything more beyond that! 


9. What is your current playlist?

Paolo Cito: It is very diverse, including Faith No More, Hanoi Rocks, The Gardnerz, Obituary, Foreigner, A Pale Horse Named Death, and of course, the new My Dying Bride! 


10. I would like you to quote what the 5 essential doom metal albums

Paolo Cito: 

  • My Dying Bride, As the Flower Withers
  • Tiamat, Clouds
  • Paradise Lost, Shades of God
  • While Heaven Wept, Of Empires Forlorn
  • Anathema, Serenades


11. Thanks for the interview and I hope that soon we can talk again.

Paolo Cito: I am the one who thank you Rodrigo! Thanks for the support that you have been giving not only for our band, but also for the Doom Metal scene in general! For sure we will talk again! 


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