Interview: Heike Langhans (Draconian)

As soon as it was announced to the world the new singer of Draconian, I contacted this friendly lady, so bring firsthand the Brazilian fans what is happening in those parts, a short biography about her and also another passion she has, digital art.


1. For those who do not know you, give us a short bio yours.

Heike Langhans – Though I’m from German descent, I was born in the beautiful coastal city of Cape Town – the most Southern point of South Africa. I’ve been active musically since 2000, but only joined my first band in 2006, which was a Symphonic Metal band called Inferium. I later just focused on my own solo project and did features in bands when possible. I reached my peak in my home country and just needed to get out and further my singing career. I knew I had to fight for it and just do what I can.


2. How and when did you get the news that had entered the Draconian?

Heike Langhans – First I had to fly over to Sweden for a week to audition. I instantly fell in-love with the kindness of the people and the beauty of the small towns and nature. The audition went pretty well and I instantly fit in with the guys. It just felt so right in my heart. I returned to my home country after my short visit and waited for them to make a decision after going through all the applications.

Not long after, I got the news that they would like me to join, but needed to know that I’d be able to stay with them in Sweden.

I went through hell with Embassies and paperwork, but returned to Sweden in May 2012.
Now it’s full steam ahead.


3. Your first recording with Draconian was to Lake of Tears’ Tribute. Who suggested the idea for this song and how did the recording?

Heike Langhans – Draconian had already agreed to do the Lake of Tears cover for the Tribute album when I joined.The music was done by that time, so all that was left to do was for Anders and I to lay down vocals. Of course the song was not meant for female vocals, so we figured out a way to include my vocals for the cover and recorded it at the band’s studio. The end result was quite decent. I loved the slower, doomier feel to the song with the contrast between Anders’ vocals and mine. The addition of Johan’s vocals also made it quite unique.


4. When will her live debut with the Draconian?

Heike Langhans – There are some tours lining up toward the end of the year and early next year. For now we have tons of preparation and rehearsal to do. Some shoots and a video is also in the cards for the near future. More than that I cannot really say. You will all have to wait and see, my lovelies.


5. Have you started writing the successor of A Rose for the Apocalypse?

Heike Langhans – Indeed. We are currently working on new material. Lyrical content is underway as Anders has started writing a while ago, alongside Therés ( who also contributed to writing songs like ‘Seasons Apart’, ‘She Dies’, ‘Not Breathing’ and ‘The Failure Epiphany’). Exactly how long it will take is untold at this point, but it’s good to know at least that we are working on new material while doing all the other important business simultaneously.


6. Like Johan Ericsson has his side projects, you will still continue with the Lorelei, or is temporarily in the fridge because of its new commitments?

Heike Langhans – The Lorelei project is very important to me as it’s my way of expressing myself emotionally on a less controlled level. It will always be active, no matter what I’m doing. I have a lot of emotion to spare and it fuels every piece of music I do, so what doesn’t flow through Draconian – will further flow through Lorelei. Draconian is my first priority for sure, but when I have those long sleepless nights, I have to have something to keep me busy and content. 


7. I took a look at her gallery on DeviantArt, and has some very beautiful images. What inspires you to create these pieces of art?

Heike Langhans – I have a great fascination with the Universe and all things eerie or melancholic. Doing art is what I was good at first in my life before anything else. When I’m not pouring my feelings into music, I’m churning out pieces of visuals that represent my feelings or interests. I’m greatly inspired by  pure darkness, the cosmic ,animals, the soul and the ocean.


8. Speaking in technical terms, what are their main tools (programs used)?

Heike Langhans – I am a trained Graphic Designer, so I’m fairly proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver etc, but I still prefer to paint and draw my ideas first. Most people think me a Photoshop magician, but I will always put pen to paper for my ideas.


9. Do you think the next cover art of Draconian, you can sign?

Heike Langhans – I have not thought about suggesting it yet, since I’m sometimes critical of myself and my own work.Some of my favorite artists have done artwork for Draconian and I always appreciate their work more than my own. It’s a topic we haven’t yet thought about at this point. Who knows what can happen. Anders, Johan and myself seem very visually in tune and in the end we’ll surely agree on what is best. I have a list of artists who’s work I would adore to see gracing a Draconian album, so I have no problem taking a back-seat.


10. Thank you for this interview, and leave space for hes last message to the Brazilian fans.

Heike Langhans – I have yet to visit Brazil and let me tell you, I’m so excited! I’ve heard such great things and received so many great wishes and messages from Brazilian Draconian fans. Your greets and  lovely compliments have really been received with warmth. I look forward to meeting and having a nice drink with each and every one of you in the future. Always stay true to the doom!


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