Interview: Caskets Open

For some time I have done this interview with these Finns, but due to setbacks had not enough time to translate it. Anyway, it’s time to publish it, and it can better understand what goes on in their heads. Gave us details on some curiosities in his debut, as some things happened “fast” in his career, besides other issues.


1. You set up the band in 2007, a year after you released your demo and later the debut album. The things happened relatively quickly for you, huh?

Horror: After doing that math – I think it did, but before the first demo things weren’t really happening and we were in a kind of situation where we had to decide whether to split or to really take effort to try to put out some kind of a release. It was a good kickstart for us considering it got us performing live and getting a record deal really fast after releasing the demo. The songs on the demo were written and put together in very short time and they were heavily influenced by Saint Vitus and Reverend Bizarre. You don’t have to be a genius to hear that from it… After releasing the demo we were asked to play live a few gigs and because of that we got some interest from couple of labels. Then in 2010 after playing more live shows and writing a handful of new material we did our first LP through Streaks Records and it still is our only official release so it doesn’t really feel like we have done anything too fast! 


Terror: Because of releasing only one demo, our debut wasn’t really a collection of old songs. Everything except SWBD (which was originally done for the demo) was written during 2009. We actually recorded a ridiculous amount of stuff for the demo and dropped out almost all of it. But i can’t say everything happened too fast, for us it feels like making both releases took almost eternity. Of course we had some good luck but everything happened quite naturally I’d say. Actually we’ve been together five years now and we got one album out, could be quicker too. For the next album we got again a good bunch of songs to select from.


2. But you Rule was released in 2010. How has been the reception of the album since its release until today?

Horror: Actually I don’t really know what most of the people think of it – I think I’ve kinda dodged people’s opinions and concentrated on how the LP sounded to me personally, after all the inexperienced mayhem we went through making it. It has it’s moments. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I don’t. The few comments I’ve heard have been positive, though. As a debut I think it could be worse?


Terror: Well, Streaks is almost out of the press, but it doesn’t mean distros wouldn’t be having them a lot still. Feedback’s been mostly positive, sometimes maybe too much. A few people have told they thought their speakers were broken when they first time heard the album, hehe.


3. One thing I found interesting was the track Jonestown, the lyrics makes reference to that fateful day. It is interesting to note that more than 30 years this subject is still cited. How did the idea for this lyric?

Horror: The idea to it came just simply going through documented material about the incident. I felt pure terror watching the footage and reading about it and listening their last moments that were captured on audio. The song wrote itself at the same night and it still haunts me now and then.


Terror: This is off-topic, but when Church of Misery released their Greetings from Jonestown EP while we were mixing But You Rule, I was sure we were going to be blamed of stealing the idea.


4. The track Corky / In the Arms of Satan, has something to do with Corky Nowell and his Summum?

Horror: No it doesn’t, Sorry! This is one of those I can’t even explain ha ha! The Corky part is just bullshit. Actually the track is a combination of two different songs: “In the arms of Satan” -part is about butchering.

Terror: laughs


5. What is the meaning for the acronym SWBD?

Horror: “Should We Be Doomed?”. I thought it would be neat to dress the title like Black Sabbath’s N.I.B. The song itself is about intergalactic force of true evil that is amongst us disguised as true doom inquisition officers.


6. You already have plans for a new album? And when you wish to release it?

Horror: The new album is planned to be released by the end of 2012 or early 2013. The songs are going to be more versatile considering just doom metal or our former stuff and they have more influences from punk rock, hardcore and even death metal. The new album is still going to sound like us – it’s just differently approached this time. There are so many songs written already that it will take time to go through that pile of crap to get a decent record out. Many of the new songs to be released – we have played live for about a year already… 


Terror: The difference to But You Rule is also that now we had more time, over two years, with the new material. For BYR we recorded almost everything we had at that time. With the demo it was different, it’s more like a collection of least worst songs we recorded. I hope this time its kinda other way around. But actually we’ve been also thinking of recycling one song from the demo for the new album.


7. I always do this question, mainly to have the different views on the subject. What is your opinion about “illegal” downloads, and even where you think the Internet helps or hinder?

Horror: I don’t know. It’s all good probably.


Terror: In this genre and with our sales numbers it probably only helps. The ones who get the music usually will buy the records. Or I don’t know. At least when people get wasted at our gigs and the record price is low enough it’s possible to get them fooled, haha!


8. I think I did more interviews with Finnish doom bands than anywhere else. You do not think the country should change the name the Finland to Doomland? (kidding)

Horror: Well, there was and still is some Reverend Bizarre cocksucking going on and we are proudly part of it! After all the finnish doom in general kinda sounds “unique” worldwide but there’s still lots of variation within the finnish bands themselves. At least the bands we have played often with – for example Garden of Worm, Temples, The Wandering Midget, Cardinals Folly… they all have their own thing going on.


Terror: Nowadays it could rather be changed to Sludgeland. 


9. Thanks for the interview and leave space for his last words to the readers of Funeral Wedding.

Horror: Cheers! Listen to Temples.


Terror: Thanks for the interest! Soon its two years from the death of Peter Steele, spin Slow, Deep & Hard for his memory.


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