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Some bands mark in some way and for a long time they are part of our daily playlist, and you often find yourself humming some song passages. With relation to this Italian band that’s just what happens sometimes have found myself “singing riffs” or even a few sentences. In this interview I did with friendly guitarist Simone, give us more details on starting the band’s recording debut, on some letters that somehow are very personal, we’ll check.


1. Would you like to give us a short biography of the band since the beginning until the recording Devoid of Illusion.
Sure! The band was formed during autumn 2007 based on an idea of Tony (voice) and Simone M (Keyboards) with the aim to play doom metal with different influences, first of all the psychedelic. The line-up was completed in next months with Mauro (guitar) and Simone S (guitar). After different line-up changes only in spring 2011 Agostino (bass) joins the band giving stability to the line-up.
About releases we published a demo called “Omnivoid” in 2008 a promo in 2010 and finally on 11/11/11 our debut album “Devoid of Illusions” recorded in the Priory Recording Studios (Sutton Coldfied, UK) and CMAT Studios (Birmingham, UK) and produced by Greg Chandler (Esoteric) that also appears as a guest in the last song of the record (Sounds from out of Space).
In these few years we had the pleasure to share stages with bands like Agalloch, Dornenreich, Esoteric, October Tide, Dayligth Dies, Forgotten Tomb and many others.


2. Devoid of Illusions The album was released just over three months. How is it feedback?
Simone: The feedback about now is really good both from the public and from the reviewers, and the album is also selling pretty good, we are really satisfied about it.


3. To me Unforgiven March is one of the most outstanding tracks on the album, especially this passage: “When hope is lost, When darkness is pain, No more love…no more hate… When the end is here, Just me and my denied chance, The time of doom has come…” .. How did the idea for her.
Simone: The basic idea besides Unforgiven March is that one of the double personality, the lyrics are written as they are the thoughts of 2 different persons, but at the end you realize that it’s only one person.
The chorus is like an answer from the “bad half” to what said by the “good half” (in the verse).


4. Omnivoid has a sound that goes to a more post-rock, modern or even djent. Would you like to comment on these sounds not so common to the death doom.
Simone: Actually we don’t care about what genre we’re playing while composing songs, we base our creative phase on our feelings and sensations and all the different influences  you hear on the record are a consequence of this. And so also the sound of  “Omnivoid” comes from our musical backgrounds (we are 6 people so they are really diversified).
Omnivoid is also one of the most old songs (it was the title track of our first demo also if it has been re-arranged and re-recorded for the album) so I think it gives you a good prospective about how we started and how we evolved.


5. Disclaiming my Faults have a melodic line in its beginning it reminded me a lot to Paradise Lost’s Disappear . And her handwriting is a bit “sick”, especially this part “Whispering a deadly lullaby…it must end tonight… Cover my sight… Cover my sinfulness… Your primordial fears are the same as mine… Can I smother my child with a pillow? …disclaiming my faults… It’s in your eyes…” How did the idea for this too?
Simone: This idea came up while Tony and Paolo were discussing about denial.
It speaks about how people sometimes as first defends against pain refuse to think that what happened to them was real.


6. And who will you ever had to smother with a pillow?
Simone: With “my child” we intended the interior child that every person has inside, that is less connected with social dogmas, and that’s connected with denial.
Smothering the interior child we have inside is just a symbol we used to express denial.


7. Despite having only a demo and an album out and if someone does not know the sound of (EchO), which track would you recommend and do you think best define the sound.
Simone: Well, I think that “Summoning The Crimson Soul” has almost all the characteristics of the band, but i personally would choose 2 songs and they would be “The Coldest Land” and “Omnivoid”.


8. Much has been said about the internet and its “illegal downloads”. What is your opinion about that?
Simone: Today nobody buys anymore the cd’s (also if there is a coming back of the vinyl and of the tape), i think that a good idea for the future would be to start to put the albums for free download, also because the bands that are so lucky to have the band as a job live only with the live shows and tours and maybe putting the album in free download is also a better way to be known by a largest range of people, that maybe will come to your gigs, and maybe will buy your merchandise if they want to support you.


9. After that melodic metal where that came from Italy and devastated the world years ago, and now it seems that the extreme metal bands are having a larger opening. What band you highlight?
Simone: There are a lot of really good bands in Italy, last year we shared stage with great bands such as “Kubark”, “While Sun Ends” and “Sephira”, just to mention some of them.
Then there are also our good friends “Synapses” and “Sunpocrisy” who just released their debut albums like us, and for the bands that I think you already  know there are “Forgotten Tomb” and “The Foreshadowing” that are coming out with new albums this year and “Hour Of Penance” that will make an american tour with Nile in a few months.


10. Thanks for the interview and feel free to give us his last words to the readers of Funeral Wedding
Simone: Thank you for this interview and thanks to Funeral Wedding’s readers for reading.
There is the link to buy our record from our label BadMoodMan Records
And here our facebook page, we update it everyday with links and news about the band, tour dates and everything, so stay tuned there if you want to follow us. 


Thanks for reading!!!
Simone & (EchO)


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