Interview: Tyranny

Going back to 2004, the first edition of Funeral Wedding, when I got the promo EP from Firebox, I was impressed with the sound of this band. And for a few months this album was my soundtrack. A year after we had the pleasure to witness the debut of “Tides of Awakening”, and after that the band disappeared. Going through the Metal-Archives, the band was with the status “active” but no news related sites. Behold, I scour the internet and got the contact of guitarist Matti Mäkelä and exclusively did this little interview where we reported what was going on walks in the paths of Tyranny.


1. Would you like to give us more information about what happened with since the release of “Tides of Awakening” until the present day?
Matti Mäkelä:  Tyranny has been quite silent and lying in wait for the most of this time, save for a few live performances. We’ve slowly been gathering our strength and composing songs though it seems it has taken ages. It requires the correct mood to be able to write this material, and we’ve also been quite busy with other aspects of life as well…


2. You mentioned that you perform some shows, who is in the current “live-lineup”?
Matti Mäkelä: The current live-lineup consists of 4 people… that being me (Matti) on leadguitars, Lauri on bass/vocals, a drummer and a sessionguitarist. Lately Jyri Lustig, a mate of mine from my other death metal band Corpsessed, has been helping us out as a liveguitarist. Before him we had J. of TotalSelfHatred and Night Must Fall on second guitar. The drummer is Lauri’s brother Tuomas. Lauri used to do synths/vocals live previously but switched to bass and we’ve currently dropped most of the keyboards out of our live sound. At one point we experimented with playing the keyboards from a tape/backingtrack with the drummer playing to a click, but somehow this destroyed too much of the mood of the performance, so we just decided to go without keyboards for the time being. Tyranny is a different beast live as on albums.



3. You already have two new songs, and some few more skeletons. You want to throw them all into the next album, or intend to give a preview of some EP?
Matti Mäkelä:  
 We have a few recorded tracks and need to complete the other few to complete the whole album… These skeletal stages of the songs have existed for a few years now, but still need work to get them right. We’ve also been playing one of these new tracks live called “The Stygian Enclave”. It could perhaps be possible to release an EP with 2 new tracks, but it feels more natural for us to strive to complete a full conceptual album. The process will take as long as needs and there’s no point in rushing things…. though keeping silent for this long might make it seem to outsiders that the band would have ceased to be, which is not the case.



4. Did you get to record a track for the tribute to Skepticism and ended up getting out. Can you tell us what happened? And one day this version could be launched?
Matti Mäkelä: This was such a long time ago, somewhere after the “Bleak Vistae” EP was released. The Polish label Foreshadow were contacting bands for participating on the Skepticism tribute and invited us to join in. We were at first given free hands to start working on a song, and we chose “The March and The Stream” which to us was the most essential Skepticism track there is. We almost finished the song recordings (there are a few parts missing but mostly it was complete) when we suddenly got a message from the label that Skepticism didn’t want this particular track covered by anyone. Their reason for this was that the track was too personal for them, nothing personal against Tyranny… Very well then. The label asked us if we wanted to create another cover track, but we just decided to back out on the project – didn’t seem worth the work anymore. I’ve actually played our cover version to Matti from Skepticism later on and he didn’t seem to have anything against it. It’ll probably never be officially released anywhere, but rumour has it is floating somewhere around the internet, those who search might find it.



5. Both you and Lauri played in Wormphlegm and had a full length released in 2006 and then broke up. There is a forecast for a possible new release or definitely “Tomb of the Ancient King” is the first and last record?
Matti Mäkelä: 
 Wormphlegm is me on guitars/vocals and Dirtmaster (A.K.) on drums/vocals, which was always the creative core of that band. Lauri joined us later as a live bassplayer and participated also on the recordings on the TOTAK album, with also providing vocals on the last track. It’s true that there hasn’t been much activity after the release of TOTAK as Dirtmaster hasn’t been really interested or involved in creating music within the last few years. He is such a pivotal part of the Wormphlegm concept that I simply can not do that project without him, which has put the band on hold. Wormphlegm was never a regularly active band to begin with. We were only active when we had an approaching live performance or something to record. So who knows, maybe something will emerge. I don’t know if the band is completely dead… perhaps just slowly rotting?


6. Comparing the two bands despite the different sound, there is the same sense desolation of both. How would you describe about them?
Matti Mäkelä: 
 The concepts of both bands are completely different. My riffing might be similar, which certainly echoes similar sense of atmospheres in both, I would guess… I am but a slave to the manners of my style of playing. Wormphlegm dwells in more putrid depths and deals with pain, torture and nightmares and has a more violent and attackful nature. Tyranny tries to capture different atmospheres. Fear is one of the most prominent of those, but the atmospheres also appear more lucid and transcendental, but also there is certain defiance in the concept. Tyranny does not dwell in sorrow, but rather struggles against it.


7. Thanks for this short interview, and I hope to soon be able to talk more about the new material. I leave free space for your last considerations.
Matti Mäkelä: 
 Thank you Rodrigo! I hope we can finish the next album soon as well… the work has seemed endless, and we are already way beyond the reasonable barriers of objectivity. Maybe we need to do something drastic… Time shall tell.



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