Interview: Lacuna Coil

For some time now I’m hatching to do an interview with these Italians. If you stop to analyze his musical style has little or nothing to do with doom metal, despite having begun under the label of gothic metal and part of that wave that swept the world of the late 90s. And knowing that many fans of doom metal band like this regardless of their “label” current, and still contains a dark core of their sound. And thanks to manager Mike Charette, who made the bridge between the scribe and singer Cristina Scabbia making this interview possible, and among the topics discussed are the new album Dark Adrenaline, some issues surroundingsome obscure songs, spirituality and of course the already beaten downloads illegal.


1. After the nervousness of the album release, now is the rush hour, with interviews, photo session, plus interviews, concerts. Where do you get so much energy for that?
Cristina: The energy is coming from the fact that we love what we do. I wish everyone could be able to make a job about the biggest passion in life. The world would be a better place.


2. Listening to the track End of Time brings us a good feeling to be a sweet song, and we have the following heavy I Do not Believe In Tomorrow, which to me represented the acceptance of something like “death” and “revolt” respectively by no longer in the living world. They have a link between them or are they just the opposite of one another to give a contrast the album?
Cristina: The songs are not connected in a way that there’s a story that keeps them together, but there’s definitely a “vibe” going through all the songs that started from a dark period of our lives at the beginning of the song writing. “I don’t believe in tomorrow” is a song that talks about the fact that you need to stand up for yourself when there’s something wrong in your life, and don’t have to postpone decisions but act quickly.


3. After the choice of Enjoy the Silence, this time it was made an unusual choice as well. Who suggested this version to Losing My Religion?
Cristina: It’s not really unusual. I think the lyrics of “Losing my religion” are fitting perfectly our thematics. The idea was there for years, but “Dark Adrenaline” was the perfect container to include this song. Funny coincidence, months after we recorded the song, R.E.M. decided to split, so even though some people think the song is a “tribute”, we did the song because we just liked it in a different version.


4. And what is the connection to that track with the Italians especially, because years ago the Italians from the Graveworm also did that version and had a more black metal approach?
Cristina: No connection at all actually. This song in known worldwide and it’s been covered by different artists. We gave our own interpretations.

5. And you Cristina, has lost his religion?
Cristina: It depends what you mean by that. I didn’t lose my spirituality but I like to keep this for myself.


6. The track My Spirit is the end all, be the end of a relationship, the end of a journey or even the end of life. How did the idea for this song?
Cristina: It’s a song we wrote after Peter Steele of Type o Negative passed away, and it’s dedicated to everyone dear we lost in these years.



7. For some people death is the end of it, for others the beginning. What is your relationship with death?
Cristina: Death is a passage and even if we’ll miss the people we lost, we’ll carry the legacy forever.


8. What Lacuna Coil song that you no longer could play, but still have to do it?
Cristina: We don’t HAVE to play any song, we like them all, even if we played some of them so many times.


9. How is the expectation for the shows in Brazil in the mid-year?
Cristina: I think it’s going to be an amazing show. We played in Brazil before and the crowd has been warm and crazy. We are expecting even more craziness and head banging.


10. What was the “worst show” you’ve ever played. And why?
Cristina: Maybe some of the very few ones in our career with low attendance of people. But that’s where everyone starts from, and that’s what let you build up experience.


11. Changing topic a little bit, I saw your posting via facebook, showing their disappointment with the album leaked days before your worldwide release. How far do you think the Internet helps and how far do you think she “spoil” things?
Cristina: It helps because people in places where the album is not distributed can check a new band out and more people can talk about it. It spoils things cause it spoils the surprise. There’s something sick in someone feeling a genius putting out an album before the release date. I wish this people knew how much work is involved in a record process, or try to work for few months without getting their salary.


12. Have you gone through a lot in those years with the band. What story do you remember that makes you sad? And what was the story that still remembers when you laugh alone?
Cristina: Sad? The only thing that makes me sad is thinking about the friends I lost in these years, Peter Steele, Paul Gray above all. The rest of the journey has been heaven.


13. Thank you for giving your time in answering this interview, and would like to leave a message for their fans in Brazil.
Cristina: You better get ready cause we are impatient to give you guys a dose of dark adrenaline. It’s going to be insane!


Pictures: Katja Kuhl/Promotion


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