Interview: Evadne

In early December I contacted these Spanish guys to learn more about this fantastic band, which gave us more about the new album “The Shortest Way,” about the Spanish doom scene and “illegal” downloads.

1. It has been four years since the release of “The 13th Condition”. Make us a retrospect of years until the recording of “The Shortest Way.”
JOSAN: Well, the truth that has been four years with bittersweet feelings, in all these time the formation had several changes . While, we have worked hard to give life to this new job and playing at grands concerts/festivals.


JOAN: I joined Evadne when the band started to produce this new album and I have lived near the feeling of a serious musical project  and the problems that can arise. It has been 4 years of great/bad moments, and after lots of stones on the road, get we have achieved our goal.


2. I could hear the teaser, The Shortest Way has an atmosphere more saddened about to debut. Is this a reflection of the difficult situation that the band spent these past years?
JOSAN: I think though in recent years we have taken difficult decisions in the personal and musical ambit. The new work is a step in the evolution of the band.


JOAN: I have been able to live the progressive change of the band, because in the past,  I was a “Evadne fan” and I am currently the drummer, I have witnessed a major evolution and continues in crescendo, It’s very natural and normal.


3. A notable event was the debut in vocal duets, since you had a female member in the band. In this new material you decide to keep some female vocals? And live and run those tracks?
JOSAN: She is not a member of the band, was only a collaboration of Lady Nott (Narsillion) to who  we are grateful for their hard work. In “The Shortest Way” there is only one little moment with female clean vocals but in a more cold an atmospheric way.
JOAN: It’s just an exact moment, a gray and cold touch musically/ lyrically where we needed a female voice.


4. And they found a label willing to release it or are still in negotiation?
JOSAN: No,in this moment we are with the promotion album, the record labels is not something we worry too much now, if they offer a good proposal, we will think about the negotation. if not we will self-produced as the previous work.


5. Which song do you think best represents the Evadne today?
JOAN: All have the Evadne essence but if we must choose: “One Last Dress for One Last Journey”.


6. What do you think the internet and its easy access to information, since people are getting into Doom can find the albums available for download, demos and even materials that have not even been released yet?
JOSAN: I think that Internet is a great tool to advertise today, especially if you’re a little band, little known worldwide as Evadne. In terms of downloads is something that all bands are exposed, for better or for worse.
JOAN: The Internet is necessary, is the most powerful promotional weapon. No matter that the album is in many places to download, we want to expand the music and our audience. Besides, if you likes to have the original formats (CD, vinyl, etc.) and the work in their natural essence, sooner or later…the people will buy the album. I do it with the music I listen (and before, I’ve downloaded this). I do not see a problem or a contradiction, just , have a etic and clear concept.


7. How is the Spanish metal scene, especially doom metal? And which band you highlight?
JOSAN: It would require more support from the media, is a genre underrated compared to other styles. I would mention bands as: Helevorn, Autumnal and In Loving Memory ….to name a few.
JOAN: In Spain there are many people who listen “Doom”, there’s only one problem: The Media. People need real music promotion, and in Spain there is too much attention on the same bands always, in the same style as always.
The extreme metal is making a small hole in the scene because the public that worship these minimalist genres are tired that the media doesn’t pay enough attention and underestimate the large number of good band in extreme metal. In the “underground extreme metal scene” the public/ fans is often our media.


8. What is your current playlist?
JOSAN: There are many bands that I listen but I quote some (basic influences): Swallow The Sun, Daylight Dies, My Dying Bride, Katatonia, the last work of Paradise Lost, and many more, as I said, I listen other many bands.
JOAN: I am constantly listening /searching and exchanging bands with friends from other countries and members of “Evadne.” My last and successful discoveries in “Doom” this year: Akelei (NL), Year of No Light (FRA), Shattered Hope (GRC), Lethian Dreams (FRA), Eye of solitude (UK).


9. Thanks for the interview and would like to leave his last message to Funeral Wedding’s readers.
JOSAN: Thank you for the interview, giving us the opportunity to show us at world in your page. For the readers, thank you for taking your valuable time to read this interview.


JOAN: First I want to thank you for the interview and for the readers, stay here! and not stop to listen for even a second of your life this wonderful and deep music. Our way is doomed.






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