Interview: 40 Watt Sun

* Just over a month I contacted Patrick Walker, a founding member and main songwriter of the band that follows a step ahead of its predecessor Warning. In this short interview, Pat (with his British humor) responds to debut on The Inside Room, the speed of the recording (3 days and 3 nights), showed a good knowledge of Brazil, much more than Sepultura and the Brazilian national team, and a “rumor” that rolls on the Internet, see Metal-Archives, to say that he teaches acting.

* Interview originally posted in mid-May this address (available in portuguese only):



01. His former band “Warning” has a sound very similar to the 40 Watt Sun. What is the reason that led you to quit with the Warning and start this new band, even though there will be comparisons between both?
Pat Walker: 
Well I’ve never asked people to make comparisons though it seems almost inevitable that they’re going to be made. Of course the sound is similar to an extent because I am singing, playing the guitar and writing the songs but if you look past the obvious both bands are not that alike.


02. For the depressive atmosphere of “The Inside Room” is almost unbelievable that you have managed to record this masterpiece in just 3 days / nights.
Pat Walker: 
I don’t see why we should have needed longer. We went in and did pretty much everything in one take. It cost me about £900.


03. Carry Me Home, is one of the most depressing tracks on the album, tell us how we developed the idea of it until the final conception.
Pat Walker: 
It’s not supposed to be “depressing”. I have never thought of it like that. Depression is an entirely negative word with nothing but pessimistic connotations. As for the conception of it, well I think the words came to me while I was on an aeroplane at night coming home to London. The music was mainly written in Cornwall in a room overlooking the sea. I can’t really remember much about it though.


04. Take me In  will come out only on LP, let you think of this track available for download as well, since those who buy the CD will not have it?
Pat Walker: 
No, I have no intention of releasing this song in any other format.


05. The album was recently released and already has several positive reviews, you’ve been waiting for this receptivity, or caused him some surprise?
Pat Walker: 
I wasn’t expecting great reviews, but then I wasn’t surprised when we got them either because I think it’s a good record.


06. In the review I did, I commented that the hearing of this debut would be better if accompanied by a nice glass of wine and the lights out. Do you agree with that statement.
Pat Walker: 
Well whatever floats your boat.


07. What are your plans for the band in 2011.
Pat Walker: 
We’ve plenty of shows fixed and a couple of tours in the works. We’ll release an EP too though I am not sure when.


08 .I read on the internet you also the acting class. How to reconcile this activity with the band?
Pat Walker: 
You can read all sorts of things on the internet but it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re true!


09. Knowing that here in South America there are many lovers of doom, you have already floated the idea to venture on this side of the Earth.
Pat Walker: 
I’d play anywhere if someone pays for it to happen.


10. Apart from the Sepultura and the Brazilian Football Team, what else do you know about Brazil.
Pat Walker: 
I recently attended a lecture by American author and academic Daniel Everett who spoke about his work in linguistics living among the Amazonian Pirahã people. Actually, I could probably tell you more about them than I could Sepultura or Brazilian football.


11. Thanks for the interview and feel free to leave us your last words.
Pat Walker: 
None – thanks for the interest.


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