Interview Faces of Bayon

Not long ago I came across this handsome guitarist / vocalist, where we explained about the recent pastthe band, drummer for the loss of his bipolar disorder, the plans for the future even about his interest in the Portuguese language.


1. I would like to give us a little intro to how did the band until the recording debut Heart of the Fire?
Matt Smith: We started the band in Autumn 2008, with Ron Miles and I being the first ones to start the band with ex-member Nate Westerlind, who left the band in April 2009, then we recruited Matt Davis and we slowly began writing and practicing the songs that are on “Heart of the Fire”.


2. What was the first thought after receiving the fatal news about Matt Davis?
Matt Smith: We were in complete shock, it hit us very hard, he was the one who recorded the whole “Heart of The Fire” CD on his 18-Track recorder, and to be honest with you, if it weren’t for Matt, “Heart of the Fire” would not even exist! It was something we never expected, but he struggled with his Bipolar Illness and if anyone knows what it is like to suffer from that illness then you know it’s not easy to live day to day. But we think of him every day and every time we play it is in his honor.


3. Recently was launched Heart of the Fire and serves as a tribute to Matt. You have come to fear that this album was not released and the band was over even before debuting?
Matt Smith: We really weren’t sure if we were going to continue with the band, but once we had the support and encouragement to continue from our fans we decided to continue the band in Matt’s name. There was no way we weren’t going to release the CD, because Matt had such a great influence on how the CD sounds, and his playing on it is very inspired and original.


4. And how is the acceptance of this work?
Matt Smith: People really love what he did with Faces of Bayon, the recording and drum playing on the CD has been getting great reviews.


5. Brimstoned e Ethereality and has a touch sinister in both instrumental and vocalizations. How did the idea for these songs to the final conception?
Matt Smith: “Brimstoned” and “Ethereality” were old songs I had written years ago with my solo project, St. Hubbins ( and when it came time to start creating songs with Faces of Bayon, these two were logical choices, as I had always wanted to see them played with a full band very heavily.


6. Mike Brown is the new drummer and what he has added to the sound of Bayon Faces?
Matt Smith: Mike has added a completely new and positive energy to Faces of Bayon’s sound, and he also has a jazz drum background so he brings that element to the sound which enhances our sound quite a bit.


7. I know it’s early, but you already have new songs, and when you want to go into the studio to record their second album?
Matt Smith: Well. right now we only have two new songs, and these will probably be released as a split 12″ record with another band later this year, but as for the second album, that probably won’t happen until next year.


8. When I posted the comment on the Facebook page of you about the review I did, I read your comment on “from what little Portuguese I know,” you’ve been to Brazil? How was your contact with this language?
Matt Smith: I’ve never been to Brazil, but I used to work at a translation company and some of the books I worked with were in Portuguese, so I learned a little bit from there, and also my Spanish speaking skills helped with that as well.


9. You have a Psychedelic Folk project called St. Hubbins, how is this project, the plans for a new full length
Matt Smith: Right now my focus is on Faces of Bayon and the reunion of my old Death Metal band Engorged (, but I am always writing new songs that would only really work for St. Hubbins, but I would like to release a new St. Hubbins CD sometime in the next year or two. That project is an outlet for my more traditional songwriting, non-Metal that is.


10. Thanks for the interview and would like to leave a message for his new Brazilian fans.
Matt Smith: You’re welcome! I would like to thank every Brazilian fan for listening to Faces of Bayon, we totally appreciate your support and if there’s ever a chance we can ever get to play in your country we would love to do that! Doom on! m/


Photos by: Hillarie Jason



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