Interview The 11th Hour

I contacted Ed Warby, this handsome multi-instrumentalist, to learn more about what is happening in the short time thatthis life is one of the most interesting Doom project. We talked about the album’s lyrical story, about what’s to come, and also about the reason that led to the end of one of the coolest bands death metal of the 90s,Gorefest.


1. How did the idea for this project, musically speaking.
Ed Warby: 
I started playing guitar a few years ago so I could contribute more to the songwriting process in Gorefest and later Hail Of Bullets, but I had so much inspiration I kept writing. Most of the stuff was very doomy and slow, and when Rogga said he’d like to do a doom album this is what it turned into.


2. Reading the press release, the story behind Burden of Grief, tells of a terminally ill patient who “revisits” his own life. How did the idea for this album lyric, or just thought something was coming up the songs were being made ?
Ed Warby: 
The original plan was to have fantasy lyrics, but Rogga convinced me to make them more personal. The story on the album is a mix of fiction and reality, I used a lot of elements from my own life such as the death of my parents. It’s a very emotional album for me because of this.


3. How is the acceptance of Burden of Grief
Ed Warby: 
Very good in fact, we got lots of great reviews and the album sold reasonably well, considering doom is a very small genre.


4. The play was released recently, but there is a preview for a second release?
Ed Warby: 
It was already released back in 2009, so I’m now working on the second album which will be released later this year.


5. The live performances include the participation of his former  Gorefest Frank Harthoorn and members of Officium Triste. How was the choice for this lineup?
Ed Warby: 
At first I only planned to do one show (at the Dutch Doom days 2009) and for this I got some people together. It started with a female guitarist named Petra Guijt who introduced me to Bram of Officium Triste and he in turn brought O.T. singer Pim on board. On drums I have Dirk Bruinenberg who replaced me once in Elegy, and the band was completed by Kris Gildenlow (Ex-Pain Of Salvation) on bass. He has since been replaced by Daniel Huijben of Cirrha Niva, Petra left and was replaced by Frank Harthoorn.


6. Now with summer approaching, as is the schedule of concerts, as well you should be too busy playing with Hail of Bullets?
Ed Warby: 
The summer belongs to Hail Of Bullets, and recording the album of course. The first 11th Hour shows are planned for this fall, we’re doing some festivals and small clubshows. There will be more shows booked when the album release is near.


7. And today we face the 11th Hour as a band, with a set line up, or the next play will follow the same idea the debut, that is, only you and Rogga?
Ed Warby: The next album will be only Rogga and me, just like Burden Of Grief. I find this way of working suits the project best, I write all the music and most of the lyrics and it would be difficult for me to do an album like this with a full band. The live situation is different of course, but I like having 2 versions of the 11th Hour.


8. Changing the topic a little, you became known for being the drummer of one of the coolest bands of death in 90 ‘s, and personally I was pissed off when the band ended its activities. After a while the band announces the return and quit again shortly time later. What were the reasons that led you to this decision at first, and second, it was for the same reasons?
Ed Warby: 
The reason for splitting up both times was that we grew apart. The first time we ran into a dead end musically and personally, and when we got back together in 2005 we made a conscious decision to get back to the death metal side of the band. We had 5 good years, made 2 great albums, but somehow we ended up growing apart again and this time the split was final. Music is something you do with your heart and soul, and if that isn’t there anymore there’s no use in going on. I have Hail Of Bullets and The 11th Hour now, which for me is the best of both worlds!


9. Thank you in advance for the interview, would you leave a message for your Brazilian fans
Ed Warby:
Thanks for reading the interview, hope it inspires you to check out the album and maybe we’ll meet one day!



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