Interview: My Dying Bride

In early August I contacted the guitarist of My Dying Bride, who told her about his history with music, about entry to the band a decade ago, the band desire to play in Brazil, the paternity and other things. Let’s check.


1. Let’s start at the beginning of everything, how did your interest in music? The first LP? The first show? the interest in the guitar?
Hamish Glencross: My parents have a strong love of music, so I was exposed to some great artists when I was very young; Sabbath, Purple, etc. and my dad plays guitar too, so I used to play his. They really encouraged me and took me to see Saxon play at the Civic Theatre here in Halifax.


2. And how did the interest in Doom Metal?
Hamish Glencross: Well, Black Sabbath were one of the first bands I got into, and then I made friends with Tuds who was drumming for a new band called Paradise Lost.


3. You has entered the My Dying Bride a decade ago. What memories you have of that time? When you received the invitation?
Hamish Glencross: It was perfect timing because I was unhappy in the band I was already in, and My Dying Bride was more suited to the music I wanted to write.
I joined in 1999 and we wrote ‘A Cruel Taste of Winter’ together, and went on tour in 2000.


4. Recently you released the album Evinta. How is your acceptance?
Hamish Glencross: It seems to divide opinion, but that’s ok because it is quite unique and different.


5. From time to time the MDB releases cd compilations / live DVD, was for that reason you decided to make this album (Evinta) this way?
Hamish Glencross: It was an idea that Andy had in mind for a long time. The anniversary was the perfect time to do it, and Aaron was so inspired it became three discs.


6. And please tell us the next album is coming and that it will feature the traditional heavy guitars?
Hamish Glencross: Absolutely. Next week we record a new EP, and I can guarantee it will be crushingly heavy.


7. Here in Brazil, you have a legion of fans, and particularly is one of my influences, and you have got to get some concrete proposal to play here?
Hamish Glencross: We’d love to play in Brazil, but we’ve just got to wait for the right offer.


8. What is your current playlist? What brand new band do you recommend?
Hamish Glencross: I’m always trying to discover new music, and currently love ‘Rose Kemp’ and ‘Kvelertak’.
You should check them both out if you don’t know them.


9. What was the worst gig you ever played? and Why?
Hamish Glencross: There was a festival we played where the running order was changed so many times because it was running so far behind. We went onstage six hours later than planned.
We were pissed off and tired. It had been a very journey to get there even before the delays.


10. What was the worst gig you’ve ever watched?
Hamish Glencross: Probably some local band, but I probably got drunk so I didn’t mind!


11. What MDB song would you most like to play? And what you do not take it anymore, but still have to do it because it is the setlist?
Hamish Glencross: I’d like to bring The Deepest of All Hearts into the set; we’ve never done that. We drop songs from the set if we tire of them, so thankfully we’re happy with everything in the set.


12. If you could choose one song that best represents the MDB, which would it be?
Hamish Glencross: I think ‘My Body, A Funeral’ is probably the perfect My Dying Bride song.


13. I saw some photos in profile on facebook, and you are quite active musically, is playing guitar and even singing?
Hamish Glencross: Yeah, there’s quite a bit of dual vocal stuff in My Dying Bride now, particularly on the last album.


14. You are the parent of a beautiful girl, and it seems strange not these two parallel worlds. The first dark and depressing the MDB and the second all colorful and full of life?
Hamish Glencross: Well, that’s the glorious nature of life on this earth; there has to be light as well as dark. She makes everything worthwhile even when things look particularly bleak and depressing.


15. Thank you for the interview and leave a message for the Brazilian fans.
Hamish Glencross: Thank you! All the best wishes; I hope we get to visit Brazil soon. Check out the new EP later this year, and visit for news and updates.


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